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Join us for a Seminar in 2017

Spring Still Life Seminar
March 9, 10, 11, 12
Watercolor Day
: March 8

Brenda’s still life seminar is an in-depth study, including composition and color theory. The prototype arrived and is shown below. Her still life reference image is also shown. Note that some things such as china patterns will change in the painting. You will also be given a choice as to the color and pattern for the china decoration. We hope you will join Brenda in painting Callas in Teapot.

Watercolor Project: To be announced



Overall: 23 3/34" X 15 3/4"
Center Opening: 12" X 10"
Side Opening: 3 2/3" X 10"


Autumn and Christmas Seminar
September 28, 29, 30, October 1
Watercolor Day
: September 27

Join us for our two 1 &1/2 day projects will be taught in this seminar. One will be Brenda’s newest Christmas painting and the other a fall theme project. The Christmas project surface is shown below.

Watercolor Project: To be announced  


Overall: 19 5/8" X 20 1/2"
Ride Side Opening: 3 1/2" X 15"
Left Side Opening: 8" X 15"

NOTE: Both new seminar pieces have 2 panels for each opening, giving the options for another interchangeable painting.

Seminar Information:
Orientation begins at 1 PM on Thursday afternoon. Following the short orientation,you will prepare your seminar surface. All are invited to  dinner in Brenda & Robert’s home on that evening.

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday are spent painting the still life project. There is a full day of painting on Sunday. The classroom is open at 8AM and class begins at 9 AM. We paint until approximately 5 PM. The classroom is open from 7 - 9 PM for finish up painting.

The paintings are done in acrylics, but students may paint in oil/alkyds or colored pencil if proficient in those medium.

To register on line and read more about seminar accommodations and travel suggestions, click here for the Williamsburg Seminar Page.

All seminars are held at Williamsburg Hotel Historic District.

Colored Pencil seminar with Marian Jackson, MDA
November 2017
Two projects, 1 1/2 days each

Bev & Brenda are hoping to host Marian for a third colored pencil seminar in the November of 2017. Details will be released as soon as the seminar plans are finalized.

The seminars are held at the Clarion Hotel Historic District.

New Online Video Classes

Brenda has launched her first video class. Learn to paint the Gerbera painted in DecoArt Media Fluid acrylics. Color conversions are given for Americana paints. This video will show you all the steps to complete the project. Purchase this online class and it will be like having Brenda in your home for a private lesson. You can paint it at your own pace. The video will be set up in units so you can start and stop as you need, and more easily find your place. You will have lifetime access to videos purchased from Brenda Stewart by Design.

You will be sent a confirmation e-mail to let you know that your purchase of the video is complete and you will be notified with your login information and how to set up your password.

Informative Videos

Masterson Palette

Fine Line Work

Side Loading a brush

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